BearTooth Hwy 2 ... to Red Lodge

Onto the Beartooth Hwy, -- highest hwy in America-- 11,000 ft ... that was the hwy. peaks were higher. Clarks ford river was cut into stone & a gorge beyond description.

places like up on the Beartooth HWy in MT. 11,000+ ft Snowpack in places that is actually glaciers... or what's left of them. They'll be gone in 5 years. just glad I got to see them befor they're gone & some other magnificent places. It was litterally touching the heavens & many a prayer was offered up for friends & family. The starkness of the wilderness, high arid mountains, rivers & streams gut 1,000 ft gorges in limestone or granite rock. Water is available & plentiful in places. usually small crossroads of towns of a couple hundred population... fish camps for the fly fishermen trout fishing the streams. It is land that cannot be tamed.

Water. Clear water. all of it. Spring fed or snowpack runnoff. all rivers & lakes so clear you could see the rounded river rock 3to 4 feet below on the riverbed. in places you could see trout. It was a feeling of dipping up a glass of water & drinking. .... so clean & pure..... pure thin air.... no pollution.... no smog. I fly fished in many rivers & need to start "SAVE THE TROUT" ...&

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