Chief Joseph Hwy

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North to Chief Joseph hwy -- This may be one of the greatest stories ever told; am honored I got to see & stand, & smell the air where this took place. ***

the route the Nez Perce tribe took to outrun the US Army to Canada. Firefights & skirmishes w/ the Army all the way in order to keep from rounded up to a reservation... or killed by the Army. The previous year - 1876 Custers Army unit was wiped out humiliating the army & Washington DC. Howards army -- the 7th calvary-- was to take the Nez Perce to their new reservation ... some say the Army was out to settle the score for custer by killing the whole Nez Perce tribe.

Chief Joseph hwy in Wy/ MT where Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce tribe.... about 750 Nez Perce, on an 1,600 mile trek w/ the Army hunting them down to force them to a reservation....or kill them in the process. The Nez Perce fled several hundred miles, heading to Canada for freedom rather than be caged.... I stood where those brave warriors fought & traveled.... & said prayers for them. I stood on hallowed ground & said prayers.... for them & many friends. & at the place where they were finnally overtaken - Sept 8th, 1877- . They did not give up; they were overtaken some few miles before reaching their promised land of escape in Canada.

Onto the Beartooth Hwy, -- highest hwy in America-- 11,000 ft ... that was the hwy. peaks were higher. Clarks ford river was cut into stone & a gorge beyond description.

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