The day Daddy Met his Daughter

The day Daddy Met his Daughter.

The most amazing moment of my life was the moment my daughter was placed into my arms for the first time and I finally got to meet her after waiting a long 38 weeks.
The second most amazing moment was when my daughter was placed into her fathers arms and she smiled from ear to ear. 

Penélope's mum is a blogger, her dad is a vlogger, so she will always be talked about in one form or another. 
She will grow up with her life blogged about, she will grow up with vlogs and videos of milestones, she will grow up with everything she does written about, talked about and noted. There will never be a moment of her life missed that she can't hit a few buttons and go back and read about it from her parents point of views. Being a writer, I'm going to encourage her to keep a journal like I did, and her dad being quite active online and on camera, I'm sure he will encourage her to keep a video journal of some sort.

The Bond

The moment my daughter met her father was a moment I will never forget, the smile she had was huge. Beaming from ear to ear, looking back and forth from her daddy to her nanny that she had also just met, taking it all in. Quite a magical moment that I'm sure no one present will forget in a hurry.

Penélope met her father at 6 months old.
For those who know of the trials and tribulations we faced on the run up to them meeting, will know it hasn't been easy for either of us. In fact, it hasn't been plane sailing, but I am glad we finally got there in the end.

Yesterday was the end to our new beginning.
A new chapter of everyone's lives has just opened up, and what an amazing journey it is going to be from here on in, for both Penélope and myself, for both her father and her new family. So many things have been put to rest, and yesterday marked a new era.

Her nanny eased into her new role of being a grandparent, and her dad was a first class dad to our daughter from the moment they met. A true natural. I couldn't be more pleased with how it went and how everyone felt after. I was relieved that Penélope bonded with her family straight away, it made me relax, as a new parent I'm still anxious about new things, but it really couldn't have been a more magical, heart warming experience.

The bond I immediately seen father and daughter have is something incredible and out of this world. Of course every new parent worries about the bond they will have with their child, it's normal to not feel anything straight away, but these two hit it off remarkably. 

My Worries

It was something I had really worried about, Penélope is at the age now where she has started to become "strange" with new faces and voices, so I worried that it would frighten her, (this is where her dads vlogs helped loads, so thankful for them). She took to her new family like a duck to water, it was as if she knew...

Penélope is a very lucky girl, her both parents have a wonderful mutual friendship together, which is my main aim for our daughter. So many parents nowadays have negative feelings towards each other for whatever reason and sometimes it cannot be helped due to circumstances, but it can sometimes have a negative impact on their child(ren). So for us to be so understanding of each other and mutual with each other, is a massive thing for our daughter. I always explain it to people that think it's a touchy subject, we are literally "friends who have a child together".

I couldn't speak higher of Penélope's fathers family, meeting his mother for the first time as well was incredible, a lovely warming woman with so much heart. 
A really good family.

Moving Forward

This past year hasn't been easy on anyone, I waited for that moment from the second I found out I was pregnant, and that moment did not disappoint. 

From my previous blogs, you can read about the year I've had personally, it hasn't been easy, but I'm not one to dwell on the negatives, it could have been a lot worse. 
I'm now the unbelievably proud parent to a beautiful, young, intelligent, healthy baby girl who is loved by both her parents, grandparents, aunties and uncle, friends and family. (How lucky is she?!) But - How lucky am I?! Is the real question...

I'm feeling rather blessed, the journey has been a different one, it hasn't been straightforward, but that is what makes it even more incredible. I don't regret any moment that has passed, I only look to the future with high hopes for our families.

I tend not to look back and wonder what could have happened more productively because as we both said yesterday, there are no "what if's" in this scenario, but rather "what are".
Life is much better than it has ever been. My daughter has fallen in love with her dad, her dad is smitten with her, her nanny adores her and she has been introduced to the most perfect family. All the worrying and stressing has been worth it.

An amazing journey.
A hard journey.
An eye-opening, 
self-reflecting journey.
But nevertheless, a worthwhile journey.

MegHan: MTM

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