How to Live a Better Life

How I've removed the negative people. 

How I've stayed positive. How to live a better life. 


Ok so.... I feel guilty for completely ignoring the blogging side of things and solely focusing on the "vlogging" side of things recently. Even though blogging and writing are my main passion, I've kind of hung up my "pen" and picked up the camera.

Whats been happening? Well, I have started my own You-Tube Channel, which can be found by searching my name "MegHan O'Neill", or here is the link...

I haven't got anything live on there at the moment, BUT I'm literally in the middle of changing that with editing and post production, it's been one thing after another and I've been slowed up.

Changes in my Life

My daughter is 1. I've headed back to college. I am now a media student (again, for anyone who doesn't know how I studied media a short 8 years ago but left). I have blonde hair. I have bigger boobs. I am an all round, completely different person and I haven't felt more balanced or better in a couple of years.

I forget how much has actually changed since I last blogged on here, and that is a lot! 

How I changed it all, for the better.

I have a funny way of taking the negatives life throws at me and changing them into positives. I've become accustomed to doing this, so much so that I don't even realise I'm doing it. 

Throughout the last few months since I last blogged, I have educated myself on Buddhism, a religion I take seriously and incorporate into my day-to-day living. I feel more balanced, my chakras feel aligned. 

I have learned how to positively increase my day-to-day living by removing the negatives, and if unable to do so for whatever reason, I have taught myself how to live in a negative surplus whilst trying to create a positive atmosphere. For both me and my daughter.

Removing Negatives/Negativities/Black Clouds

Luckily enough, I haven't had to live with any negative energies surrounding me, they all left. Or rather, I removed them. 
It's important to realise when a person, or an energy, (which could come from a job, a circumstance or a place) is bringing you down. We often don't recognise that something is clogging our chakras and bringing us to a negative ground, we deal with it so much on a daily basis that we just take it for granted that it's how life is. When it is not, and you should never feel like you're "trapped" or have "settled" for a life you're not 100% happy with living. 

Removing a negative person, or a negative energy is no easy task. It takes some time and some effort. Firstly, you have to understand that the negative source is not something you HAVE to put up with, or have to surround yourself. There is no excuse for dealing with a negative, black cloud. 

Remember, you are the author of your own story, you are the director of your own life. Anything in your life that you are not happy with, is your own problem. It is easy to blame external sources for every single thing that we come up against. But really, what the problem is, is your reaction to these events. Changing how you take in information and how you process that, then output it, is really the key to how to remove the negatives. 

If you cannot just "walk away" from an external source, physically removing the energy. Then that's when you need to use your own inner self and inner being to remove the blinding way you think about it. The black clouds usually blind us from the bigger picture, making us unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and therefore clouding our vision and confusing us.

Once your thinking changes, your life changes. 

Law Of Attraction

People hear about "The law of attraction" and sometimes confuse it with physical attractions with the opposite or same sex. I done this myself, I always wondered what this meant.
It's simple...

The law of attraction is a force, or an "energy" if you like, basically meaning that what you put out, you get back. 
Stop blaming the world for your hardships. Bad things sometimes happen to good people, that's part of life. That cannot be changed, that is what happens, (more often than not mind you) and it's easy to get into the way of thinking that it's "not fair". But quit this way of thinking, and instead, use your own time, effort and energy to better what is around you, instead of complaining about it. 

How can anything improve if there are people complaining instead of working on bettering something? 

If you put out negative energy, you will receive negative energy. If you put out positive energy, you will be surprised as to what comes back to you. 
Now this does not mean if you do something good, good will come back... NO! That is the wrong way of looking at things. 
How to do this productively, is to actually mean what you're doing. Actually want to do the good deed you're doing, instead of just expecting something back from it. 

Be selfless with your actions. Do things because you want to better all other human beings, no matter what. If you do something nice for someone and don't expect anything back, you will not be hurt or upset if they don't appreciate it. Because people are like that, people don't appreciate what you do for them all the time, and that's their problem. That problem lays with them and not you, just remember that. 

Do not take it personal. 

But always be selfless, and do not question it. Sometimes you will, sometimes you'll wonder why you're STILL being nice to someone who has been horrible to you? But remember, they might have insecurities and issues you don't realise. They might be dealing with some stuff at home you don't have a clue about, or couldn't imagine. They could need your help but their disrespect for it is nearly a defense mechanism, so always remember this. 

Things Have Changed

Since I have incorporated this way of living into my life, and actually loving all over human beings and loving life, I have noticed big changes. I haven't done things for "show" or to be "liked", I've done them because I wanted to. Because I was genuine. 

My life has changed dramatically and things have increased. Do I still have the same people in my life? Some of them, yeah. I have removed people who did not create any positive experiences for me or my daughter, I have removed people who I tried to help but did not want my help, I have removed them because there's only so far you can go with people. You can't MAKE anyone do anything. People need to want the help first. 

Remove the people/negative clouds that are only draining you of your positive energy and using it all up. It might sound cruel, but you have to remember yourself and always be number 1. You do not have to stand for it, and you do not have to be rude about it. Simply make your intentions clear, do not lie and do not hurt. You don't have to surround yourself with crowds you don't want to be in. If they are hindering your emotional, spiritual or intellectual development, remove them. It's as simple as that. Love them anyway, but remove them.

I will write more next blog on what I'm currently studying, what has happened, what is happening and what is yet to happen... big things are coming this way. But first, remember...

Your intentions behind an action is just as important as the action itself. 

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